Connecting in Conflict (5:23 mins) Copy

Conflict Styles Checklist: Choose Only 2 Ways of Handling each Person

10 Possible Ways for Dealing with ConflictBossColleague
I’ll push hard to get my view across.  
I’ll give way on something, as long as they do too.  
I’ll do my best to win.  
I’ll let them keep their view if it keeps them happy.  
I’ll steer clear of anything contentious.  
I’ll get all the cards on the table as soon as possible.  
I’ll try to find a way of compromising.  
I’ll try to emphasize the points of agreement.  
I’ll share the problem and find a way to work it out.  
I’ll do whatever to get away from the tension  

How Each of the 10 Conflict Handling Methods fall into 5 Different Conflict Styles 

(I / You)

Items 1, 3  – Win / Lose

Items 2, 7 – Compromise

Items 6, 9  – Win / Win

Items 5, 10  – Lose / Lose

Items 4, 8  – Lose / Win

Which style did you use the more of? Hat about less of?

Was there a difference between how you handle conflicts with the different groups of people?

How you deal with conflict will vary according to how great the difference of opinion is and who is it that holds an opposing view.