Definition of Connection, together with High, Overused & Low behaviours and some Advice on how to Develop this competency (4:59 mins) Copy

Builds deep and strong relationships with others through sincerity and positive intentions.

Advantages when Connection is High:

  • Ability to recognize what is important in every relationship
  • Starts conversation with others with intentions for both to benefit
  • Handles differences with tact & logic
  • Possesses the ability to give and receive feedback with openness and care
  • Listens to other’s intentions carefully

Risks when Connection is Overused:

  • Strong need to stay in constant contact with others
  • Focuses on getting along at the expense of nurturing a healthy relationship
  • Goes to extremes to be tactful and polite, and may avoid difficult conversations
  • Gets too drawn in with others and may be unable to stay objective
  • Agrees with others easily without question

Risks when Connection is Low:

  • Finds difficulty building rapport and being sociable
  • Talks to others only when necessary and prefers to be alone or work alone
  • Gives in to others or sacrifice excessively in order to remain on cordial terms
  • Unable to persuade or get an opinion across with conviction
  • Handles disagreements by pushing aside matters or dismissing them

Development Advice:

  • Take the opportunity to get to know people. Whether you like them or not, you can choose to learn something.
  • Be authentic about yourself and your experiences as it gives people the chance to connect more deeply with you.
  • Frequently sharing certain vulnerabilities makes people feel safe with you.
  • Be interested in finding out more about others and saying less about yourself.
  • Set a target to attend more networking events regularly.